Remote Systems


Remote systems is our flagship monitoring service. If you have inaccessible areas of buildings or plant and need to determine the waste path for the contents or the building fabric then we can help by commissioning a remote monitoring system. We have been providing remote monitoring systems to our clients for eight years so we probably have a suitable system sitting on our shelf.

Our Remote Monitoring Services Include:

  1. Active Drains Monitoring (>80 mm diameter pipe);
  2. Borehole Monitoring (>60 mm diameter pipe);
  3. Ventilation Duct Monitoring (>80 mm min. dim. internal, or external);
  4. Stack Monitoring (internal or external surfaces);
  5. Custom systems for your particular application;
  6. Full calibration in-house with support documentation.
Drains Survey (Demo)_001

All our remote systems come with GIS as standard

We also carry out the following services via our standard Clearance Monitoring Service:

  1. Landmass Gamma Monitoring (e.g. large areas of ground) with GPS synchronisation;
  2. Bulk Surface Monitoring (e.g. floors and walls – inside or outside of a building);
  3. Recyclable Materials Monitoring (e.g. sheet steel, transport containers, hardcore).

Our Remote Monitoring Services do Not Include:

  1. Crackpot boffins who confuse everybody (no doubt you have encountered them);
  2. Unnecessarily technical frontline reports (only the support documentation requires technical justifications and these can be verified by the regulator or your in-house technical lead).


RITE Advice can design and calibrate custom monitoring systems in-house for your application and we can also offer two monitoring services to support use of the systems:

  1. Our Clearance Monitoring Service where we carry out the monitoring as an independent organisation; or
  2. Our Clearance Monitoring Training Service where we train your staff to carry out the monitoring. Note that this service is relevant to specific monitoring regimes.


We believe we are the only radiation protection based company in the UK to provide a fully in-house ratified remote monitoring service. For low level radioactivity measurements each system is calibrated in-house against national standards. We also provide self-checking, quality assured Monitoring Software to support our custom monitoring systems. The software logs all survey data including monitoring geometries and locations in a representative, traceable manner. It also ensures the operator carries out any requisite tests during setup just minutes before monitoring.