Land Quality Assessment

Land Quality Assessment

You have to be sure. Defensible land quality assessments are critical to your peace of mind and we can help. Together with our Innovation Monitoring Service and the internationally recognised Data Quality Objectives (DQO) system at our disposal we can provide you with the assurance you require to lock out future litigation.


The assurance is warranted because we helped you choose the best methods to determine legacy contamination which was, in turn, mitigated or remediated appropriately by best practicable means. More importantly, you understood the assurance systems that were used since you were trained by us as part of our assurance package.


If you believe that the land quality assessment programme carried out by your current supplier is taking too long, costing too much and becoming incomprehensible then it is probably time for a change. Give us a call on 01929 401040 and we can propose alternative measures or methods to optimise the existing systems.