Instrument Software

Instrument software can be a vital tool for data logging and quality assured monitoring applications. We can create sensor logging, positional logging and video recording software for your monitoring instruments even if it they have never had monitoring software associated with them before.

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Usually, all your instrument needs is a communications port. We can communicate with any instrument that has one or more of the following ports:

  • RS-232 (standard serial);
  • RS-422;
  • RS-485;
  • IEEE-1284 (parallel);
  • IEEE-1394 (firewire);
  • USB versions 1,2,3

However, if your instrument does not have a communications port (i.e. it just uses an analogue signal cable) then we can build a data communications system for you based upon either pulse counting or pulse height analysis. We produce software for both Windows and Linux based PCs.


This radiation detection instrument has a simple analogue signal out which we have adapted for data logging using a PC based Multi-Channel Analyser

Give us a call to discuss your application. There is a fair chance we already have communications software for your instrument in our software archives.