RP Monitoring Training

In addition to the requirements of Regulation 14 (Information, Instruction and Training) of the Regulations the Guidance to the Regulations states that:

Training will also be needed where the employer arranges for employees to perform particular functions required by these Regulations, for example to monitor radiation levels for controlled or supervised areas (regulation 19).


The RP Monitoring course is an introductory monitoring course which focuses on both Regulation 14 and Regulation 19. The course considers:

  1. The different kinds of measurements that should be made; for example dose rates, surface contamination and air concentrations;
  2. The nature and quality of the radiation and the physical and chemical state of any radioactive contamination likely to be in an area;
  3. Where and how frequently these measurements should be made;
  4. Measurements forming part of your contingency arrangements;
  5. What methods of measurement would be used, for example direct measurement with an instrument, collection of air samples, use of wipe samples;
  6. What type of instruments to use;
  7. Who should carry out the measurements and what training they need.

This course is available in 2 versions:

  1. A standard three day classroom course consisting of theoretical and practical modules including the above considerations.
  2. A tailor-made course to suit and focus on your particular monitoring application.

In order to keep up the pace on this medium-level technical course, this course requires prior completion of the one-day Basic Radiation Protection Course.