Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) Training

Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) training is our core training product. Formal RPS training is a requirement of the Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017.


There are four versions of the RPS course available:

  1. A two day full RPS course with written examination;
  2. A one day RPS refresher course with written examination (prior RPS training certificate required);
  3. A tailor-made full RPS course to exactly fit the RP operations within your company;
  4. A tailor-made RPS refresher course to exactly fit the RP operations within your company (prior RPS training certificate required).

You can choose whether we provide the course in our training room here at Winfrith or provide the course on your site. The approximate costs for the standard one day and two day Winfrith RPS courses are approximately £290 and £450 per delegate respectively.

We recommend that an appointed RPS attends a RPS refresher course once every three years. In order to determine which of your colleagues to send on an RPS course use the Guidance on the Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017 to help you decide. It states that a suitable RPS must:

  1. know and understand the requirements of the Regulations and local rules relevant to the work with ionising radiation;
  2. command sufficient authority from the people doing the work to allow them to supervise the radiation protection aspects of that work;
  3. understand the necessary precautions to be taken and the extent to which these precautions will restrict exposures; and
  4. know what to do in an emergency.

Every delegate on the course receives a copy of the Ionising Radiations Regulations 1999 along with the course handouts. An attendance certificate or a RPS qualification certificate (depending on the examination result) is issued at the end of the course. Note that a RPS qualification certificate is not the same as a RPS Appointment which is carried out by company management (as instructed on the course).Work With Ionising Radiation (Proper Cover) - L121_001

Get a head start by downloading the following material: